Make sure you have read the latest update on whether you are eligible for an online proctored examination. You can find the information in this article here.

RSM makes use of ProctorExam to proctor online written exams via the use of one camera. More information about online proctoring at EUR/RSM can be found here

  • A well-functioning laptop or a desktop computer. We recommend keeping the computer plugged in to the charger.
  • A stable internet connection (minimum upload speed 1.5 Mb p/s, check with e.g. Use an internet cable if your Wi-Fi is not stable.
  • Your ERNA ID login credentials.
  • If applicable, permitted materials. Your teacher will inform you via Canvas and on the coversheet of the exam which materials are permitted (e.g. calculator, notes, etc.)
  • A quiet place to take your exam.

Additionally, for proctored exams

  • Google Chrome. The software that is used for proctored exams by EUR (ProctorExam) operates with an add-on that only works in combination with Google Chrome.
  • Make sure your laptop or desktop computer has well-functioning webcam and microphone.
  • Make sure you have a valid form of identification (Student card, ID or passport).

For additional tips and checks, please read this article, for further explanation of the rules refer to this article here.