If you started a second MSc Programme at RSM and already completed two electives in your 1st MSc Programme at RSM, but kept the master free elective open, you will be taking three electives for your current MSc Programme, and a fourth elective for your 1st MSc Programme. Please indicate this when you register your study situation. 

As you need to complete two electives in one of the blocks, you need official approval from the RSM Examination Board. You do not need submit the request to the Examination Board yourself. The request will be submitted by MSc Programme Management after you submit your study situation. You must meet the following conditions: 

  • You must have started your first MSc programme at RSM in September 2022, and
  • You must have obtained 54 EC and thus completed all required curricular components except for one elective of 6 EC in the nominal timespan, and
  • You must have started with your second MSc programme at RSM in this academic year (i.e. in September 2023).

If you have met the conditions outlined above, you must take the following actions:

  1. Complete the Master Programme Electives round and the Open Elective registration round of the Elective Registration process to be allocated to 3 electives for your current programme (i.e., the programme you started in September 2023).
  2. After the Open Elective round closes, you will have to participate in the 4th Elective Selection round in December - exact dates for 202 to be announced. 
  3. MSc Programme Management will forward your request, together with the list of elective courses in each of your two MSc programmes, to the Examination Board after which the Examination Board will confirm their decision. You do not need to individually approach Examination Board for approval in this case.