Initial enrollment

Academic year enrollment at RSM for incoming Dual Degree students is arranged via the Dual Degree programme manager and specifically not via Studielink, as incoming Dual Degree students receive an enrollment type that excludes the requirement to pay tuition to RSM/EUR.

Re-enrollment (if applicable)

Incoming Dual Degree students may sometimes need to remain enrolled at EUR/RSM beyond the duration of their initial academic year enrollment (i.e. 1 September through 31 August of the following calendar year). Please note that re-enrollment is not automatic; should an incoming Dual Degree student requirement re-enrollment, a request must be made to the Dual Degree programme manager. Students may submit a ticket via the MSc contact form.

Please note that students who are at RSM on a visa/residence permit who need an extended enrollment will also be required to arrange an extended visa/residence permit, for which all of the same financial requirements will need to be met as for an initial visa/residence permit.