This article contains information about required course materials - such as cases or articles, either print or digital - and how students should be allowed to acquire them.

For printed materials, the general rule is that required printed materials should not exceed € 15.00 per EC. For example, the maximum price of required literature for a 4 EC course would be € 60.00.

However, by Dutch law, course instructors are not allowed to make the purchase of course materials mandatory, so they must always offer an alternative in case the student wants to opt out of purchasing the material. This also means that students are free to access the material whichever way they choose; apart from purchasing (new or used), they can also choose to acquire the material through borrowing or sharing, etc. – under observation of copyright regulations. 

For students that face financial constraints in purchasing course materials, the university offers several support avenues. You can find more information on this page. In order to arrange an appointment with a student counsellor, please visit this page.