Online examinations with proctoring  

All examinations take place on campus, including mid-terms. You are expected to come to campus to participate in your mid-terms and examinations. 

Who is eligible for online proctored examination? 

In very specific cases, it is possible to request an online proctored examination. An online proctored examination takes place in your own home, with online supervision via cameras. Only examinations which are offered through the Ans Digital Test Platform can be accommodated online by RSM / EUR. Only in the following situations, it is possible to request an online proctored examination, with supporting evidence. 

  1. You have a chronic medical condition (physical or mental) which makes it impossible to attend the examination on campus. For example, if your health is extra vulnerable due to chemotherapy, or cystic fibrosis. 
  2. You cannot attend the examination on campus because of the terminal illness of a first-degree relative.  
  3. You have an EUR Elite Sport status, and you have permission from the student adviser to request an online proctored examination (because of a tournament, training camp, championship abroad) for a specific and limited period of time. 
  4. You are registered as a remote student taking a course as part of CEMS (Global Online Elective), English premaster (fully online), ECOL or UNIC remote exchange programmes. You will be registered for online proctored exams automatically. 
  5. You are an IM/CEMS student and have participated but failed a first exam, but the re-sit is timed in the following semester when you already have left to continue your studies at the partner school. 

Thus, if you do not belong to either of the 5 categories, you are NOT eligible for an online proctored exam; submitting a request is pointless in that case. 

Please note that re-sits of the last blocks take place on campus in July (see:, meaning that you will have to be in Rotterdam if you have to participate in the re-sit.  


Students who qualify for online proctored examinations due to the reasons detailed above are advised to contact the student advisers to draw up a study plan at least 3 weeks before an exam.  

The actual request for online proctoring must be submitted via Osiris Student, My Cases no later than 14 days before the exam date. 

  • Osiris Case ‘Request provisions’ for students with a severe chronic medical condition or family circumstance (applies to cases 1 and 2) 
  • Osiris Case ‘Request exams Erasmus Elite Sport.’ (applies to cases 3 and 5) 

After filing your request, the Examination Board will decide whether you are allowed to take your examination via online proctoring. For any questions, please contact the student advisers.