The list below show the general thesis trajectory deadlines. Specific submission deadlines per programme will be communicated to you by your thesis coordinator.

List of deadlines for the Academic Year (AY) 2023/2024

  • final thesis re-sit deadline is 15 August 2024*
  • thesis defence AND the grading deadline to graduate this AY* is 31 August 2024
  • thesis defence AND grading deadline to join the MSc graduation ceremony in November is 15 September 2024**

*In order to safeguard the graduation within the AY and avoid having to reregister for the next AY, the thesis defence and the grading must be done by this deadline. The status in TOP should read ‘Thesis Done’. If not, the you cannot graduate in that AY. Note that it may take up between 5-10 working days before the grade is processed in Osiris. This does not have an effect on your graduation date as long as the status in TOP was ‘‘Thesis Done’’ on 31 August 2024.

**In order to join the festive MSc graduation ceremony in October, the thesis defence and the grading must be done before this deadline at the latest. If not, your cannot join the graduation ceremony. If you schedule the defence in September, you need to re-enroll for the next academic year and pay the corresponding tuition fee as long as you are registered as a student for that year. To join the graduation ceremony, you need to register before the respective deadline which is usually around mid-August, even if your defence is scheduled for later. You will receive several calls-to-action to register via e-mail, which will include the deadline.

IMPORTANT: If a student misses the registration deadline for the graduation ceremony, including:

  • cases of absence during the registration period, 
  • incomplete registration via the registration form, 
  • late graduation,
  •  family members who already made travel arrangements to attend the graduation,
  • or any other personal reasons, 

we will not be able to include the student as graduate in the ceremony under any circumstances. 

*Note that the final thesis re-sit deadline may vary per MSc Programme.