Your master thesis will be assessed and evaluated according to criteria formulated and set out in the thesis assessment plan (see below). Each column in the diagram represents a dimension of performance in the master thesis. These dimensions are described in details in the Master Thesis manual. Each row corresponds to the level of achievement.

The imagine below shows the thesis assessment plan. A download of the assessment plan will also be available at the bottom of the article.

The thesis committee will use the thesis assessment plan to help determine the grade of the master thesis. To determine the grade, the thesis assessment plan is not imperative but rather guiding. The assessment of the quality per dimension is expressed in scores as ‘‘unsatisfactory’’, ‘‘satisfactory’’, ‘‘good’’ and ‘‘excellent’’, Those scores do not necessarily or automatically translate into a grade. Although the combined scores of the dimensions constitute the basis for the final master thesis grade, the thesis committee may decide that one (or more) of the partial scores bears more heavily on the final grade than do others. Hence, the scores per dimension do not imply simple summation and averaging of partial scores or grades. 

The thesis assessment is a contextual judgment on aspects of the work done. Students are advised to check the assessment diagram in the early stages of conceptualising their master thesis.