Deviations from the thesis deadlines are possible in one of the following two exceptional situations:

  1. An ambitious or extensive thesis
  2. Special circumstances

Ambitious of extensive thesis

An extension may be granted by the relevant MSc-programme (by the Academic Director and/or Thesis Coordinator) on the following grounds:

  • The student is an excellent student who has undertaken a research project of which the importance transcends a conventional MSc thesis;
  • This research project is too ambitious or extensive to be completed within the normal deadlines;
  • Coach and co-reader need to agree upon the necessity and desirability for an extension, referring to the talents of the students, the context in which this research takes place and the significance of the endeavour either for RSM or for the research field as a whole.

Special circumstances

The Examination Board may grant an exemption from the final thesis deadline in case a student has been met with detrimental circumstances beyond their control. The Examination Board will only take requests into consideration which include positive advice of a student adviser in case of personal circumstances as well as the confirmation of the coach and co-reader that: 

  • the student has worked hard during the spring trajectory and has been on time with deliverables (if possible, given the circumstances);
  • the extension in order to finish the thesis is no longer than approximately one month;
  • the coach and co-reader are willing and have the opportunity to supervise the student for the extension period.

Timely and well-documented requests will be ruled upon as soon as possible, preferably within two weeks, and ultimately within four weeks. When the new deadlines after the extension are taking place in the new academic year, the student needs to re-enrol in the programme and pay the corresponding tuition fees, as long as she or he is registered as a student.

For more information on help with personal circumstances, please contact the student advisers.