RSM IM/CEMS home students going on exchange to participating EU/EEA countries are eligible for a grant from the Erasmus+ programme, even if you've already received an Erasmus+ grant for exchange at the bachelor level. For full details on the Erasmus+ programme for exchange, please refer to this page at the EUR website.

Note for students going on exchange to the UK: Since the 2021-2022 academic year, the UK has no longer participated in the Erasmus+ programme as the result of Brexit.

The Erasmus+ Grant programme is administered by the EUR Erasmus+ office, and that office will contact eligible students prior to the exchange on the basis of automatic nomination that is arranged by RSM once you are offered admission to the IM/CEMS programme and accept your admission. Note that the Erasmus+ grant is not administered by IM/CEMS Programme Management, so please direct any questions regarding the grant to the Erasmus+ Office. You may also try the office’s Whats App: 0031-6-12 58 82 36.

Please also carefully review the Erasmus+ Office's webpage containing procedural information and all related forms for the grant. The IM/CEMS Programme Manager is, however, the person who is responsible for signing your grant agreement and (online) learning agreement.