Note: A recidivist student is a student that is in the second year of the same MSc programme the student started last academic year.

We cannot guarantee that you will get a spot allocated in the same elective, or that the same elective is offered again. If you get allocated to the same elective, you can improve your result. 

For the one-year MSc programmes: please be aware that if you have passed all your courses (including the master thesis trajectory) it will not be possible to do a resit or improve a sufficient result once your degree has been awarded. This means that, if your improved grade is only processed after receiving confirmation of graduation it will not be included in your diploma. You can request an updated grade list that will include your improved result, but your GPA will not be adjusted. 


This is especially relevant for Block 4 and 5 courses, as it is more likely that your degree will be awarded before you receive your improved result.