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Master exam and resit registration

If you are already correctly enrolled in a given master course, then you will automatically be registered for the (first) exam of a course. Your first and best indication of correct enrolment will be Canvas access for a given course. In the case that you do not have correct Canvas access for a course, please get in contact with your programme manager as soon as possible.


Registration for resit examination

Students need to register for a resit themselves, unless they:

  • Failed a course’s first exam, or
  • did not participate in a course’s first exam

For the cases above, Programme Management will manually enroll students for a resit.


All students with passing grades from the first exam attempt who wish to take a resit to improve their grade must register themselves via Osiris Student by the respective deadline.


Registration for resits can be done in Osiris StudentRegistration is possible from 26 working days before the resit exam date up to 5 working days before the resit exam date once the resit dates have been published in OSIRIS. 


Be sure to check these instructions for a step-by-step explanation of the resit registration process for students. You can check if you have correctly (been) enrolled to the resit exam in Osiris Student, under 'My enrolments', in the tab 'Test'.


Please note: Late registration for the resits is not possible! 


If there are no registrations by the set deadline (5 working days before the examination date), the resit will be cancelled.

Resit examination for improving grades

As per Examination Regulations, article 4.1, section 5, ‘With due observance of the provisions of the first paragraph, the student may retake a passed written test in the same Academic Year if a re-sit opportunity has been scheduled in the official exam timetable. The result for the test is established on the highest test result obtained.’ Therefore it is possible for a student to participate in the resit exam of a course to try to improve their first result.

For the one-year MSc programmes, it needs to be highlighted that if you have passed all your courses (including the master thesis trajectory) it will not be possible to improve the grade of a sufficient Block 5 result, even if the formal resit period has not yet taken place. This can also be the case for a Block 4 course, if the improved grade is booked in OSIRIS after you have received confirmation that you have been awarded your degree.

The university is under legal obligation to actively issue your degree once all curricular components have been completed. When the last result is booked in OSIRIS you will receive a confirmation email from the Study Progress and Diploma (SPD) Office that your degree has been awarded. This means:

  • No adjustments or additions can be made to the grade list;
  • You can no longer improve an already sufficient exam result.

If your diploma has been actively issued by the university before your improved course result is recorded in OSIRIS, the improved result for your block 4 or 5 course will not be mentioned on the grade list (and thus will not be counted towards your GPA). However, you can request a separate transcript for this course with your improved result.

Please, note that taking resits can have an impact on your ability to graduate (summa) cum laude. See the Rules and Guidelines of the Examination Regulations for the conditions that apply to (summa) cum laude qualifications.

Exam locations

Unless otherwise specified by your instructor, official written exams take place in the van der Goot-building. Specific exam locations in the van der Goot building are published one day prior to the exam on the SIN-Online Channel "Tentamenlocaties/Exam locations" (subscribe to the channel). Specific exam blocks in the van der Goot building are located as follows: blocks 1 through 12 on the right, blocks 13 through 16 in the middle, and blocks 17 through 22 on the left.

Valid identification document required

Please note that you MUST have valid identification with you and display it to be able to take a written exam. You WILL NOT be permitted to participate in an exam without valid identification. A valid identification is either your driving license, ID card or passport. Students are not permitted to participate in the examination if they cannot show the invigilator one of these identity cards.

Additional rules concerning exams

The Rules of Order for Written Examinations explain the provisions concerning the order during the examinations as well as the policy on entering and leaving the examination room. For example, during written examinations your mobile phone should be switched off at all times and stored in your bag. Furthermore, you are not allowed to wear a watch during the written examination. Scrap paper, examination questions, answers and other examination-related documents may not be taken from the room during and after the examination. You must always submit your examination paper to the invigilator, even if you have not completed any of the examination questions. It will be assessed and you will receive a result.