Do you want to apply for a 2nd master study at RSM?

The application process is the same as for your first master.  

  • Follow the application instructions as listed here. Make sure you register for the master in Studielink AND submit a new application via the Online Application Form (OLAF)

  • Make sure you apply on time, especially if you're interested in a master with a maximum capacity. 

  • The RSM Admissions Office will evaluate your application for the second master. In some cases admission may not be possible, if the content of your previous studies does not meet the bachelor content related requirements. 

  • Doing a second master can have implications on your tuition fee. For more information please reach out to the study advisers or the Erasmus Student Service Centre (ESSC).

Were you required to apply for a Residence Permit/VISA for your current master?

You will need to apply for an extension. This can be done as soon as the registration for your master is complete (1st of September) or three months before the current residence permit expires (please note: it generally takes two to three months to receive the extension).


The absolute deadline for submitting the form is two months before the residence permit expires. For more info please visit the Erasmus University website.


Your point of contact for an extension request is at the EUR International Office at