Requirements/procedures for graduating from RSM

Incoming Dual Degree students may graduate from RSM once all of the following requirements have been met:

  • All RSM curricular requirements have been fulfilled and grade booked in Osiris
  • The RSM master thesis has received a final grade in the thesis management system (the thesis grade does not yet have to be booked to Osiris)
  • And the home school programme has been completed, or all of the home school programme has been completed except the thesis, and the thesis has been submitted

Procedure for RSM thesis submission

When an incoming DM2 student is ready to submit the thesis at RSM:

  1. The student must make contact with the thesis coordinator, coach, and co-reader to alert the supervisory team of his/her plans to graduate and to check status. The student, coach, and co-reader may now also agree on or confirm final submission dates for the proposal and/or thesis. If any dates have changed, the thesis coordinator may make these changes in the thesis management system accordingly. Adjustment to the thesis deadline does not require approval by RSM's Examination Board.
  2. The student then submits final thesis work for assessment via the thesis management system. Though you will likely be required to defend your thesis at your home school, the requirements for defending at RSM vary depending on the home institution:
    • Students from ESADE ARE required to defend at RSM as part of the requirement stemming from ESADE
    • Students from Bocconi and St.Gallen are NOT required to defend their thesis at RSM and may duly receive a final thesis grade on the basis of the submitted thesis alone. An incoming Bocconi and St.Gallen student is in principle welcome to defend the RSM thesis, in agreement with the thesis committee; however the lack of a thesis defence does not have bearing on the student’s final thesis grade.
  3. Students should remain alert at this point for confirmation via the thesis management system that the thesis process is complete and that a final thesis grade has been submitted by the coach and co-reader through the thesis management system. In the absence of notification, the student is encouraged to send a reminder to the coach and co-reader to complete this step.
  4. Once a final thesis grade has been entered into the thesis management system and all other RSM curricular requirements have been met, the student is eligible to officially graduate from RSM.

Procedure for RSM diploma creation and official graduation

When an incoming Dual Degree student has met all of the above criteria, they can be eligible for official graduation from RSM. Please then reach out to the DM2 programme manager, by sending the following materials:

  1. The complete home school transcript, or the nearly complete home school transcript minus only the thesis grade, and verifiable proof that the thesis has been or soon will be submitted for defence (this proof may be sent either directly by the student or by the student's home school)
  2. A completed full-time regular (degree) enrollment form (you may request this form from the Dual Degree programme manager): this form will make it possible to create a very temporary fulltime regular (degree) enrollment, necessary for issuing an RSM degree.
  3. A scan of your current valid ID (either an official state ID or passport)

Once all of these materials have been received, the procedure can begin to request your RSM degree from the Study Progress and Diploma office (SPD). Please note that when your diploma is ready, you will be contacted directly by SPD at your EUR/RSM student e-mail address, so please remain on the lookout in that e-mail account.

RSM MSc Graduation Ceremony

RSM organizes a festive combined MSc graduation ceremony for most of the one-year MSc programmes every fall (in October or November). Should you be in a position to have your RSM diploma created by early September (i.e. that all of the above has been arranged with the DM2 Programme Manager in a timely manner) then you may be able to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Please note that, in addition to having all requirements met as indicated above, participation in the MSc graduation ceremony also requires timely registration; please reach out to the Events team ( for registration procedures and deadlines.