Once students have been selected for outgoing Dual Degree, and have accepted their offer for a spot at a Dual Degree partner school, RSM arranges for the study programme in Osiris to be shifted to a Dual Degree variant that includes a new course requirement, i.e. the DM2 elective. That requirement must be fulfilled in the form of a course taken during the partner programme and a request must be made for conversion of that course in order for the student to be able to graduate ultimately from RSM. In this way, official graduation from RSM is automatically postponed for outgoing Dual Degree students until the DM2 elective has been converted into the study programme in Osiris.

To request conversion of the DM2 elective to the RSM study programme, follow these instructions:

  • Open Osiris Student and go to "Cases"
  • Open a new case by clicking on the green "plus" button at the bottom right corner
  • Choose the type "exchange"
  • There, you will find an option to choose "conversion of exchange grades." Complete the form as instructed, attach your partner school transcript, and click on "submit"
  • Please also actively inform the DM2 programme manager once you have submitted your request to that your request may be approved