Dear students,

The summer is a very busy period. Therefore, our availability has changed for the upcoming weeks.

You can find our contact information further down below. 

Week 29 (15-19 July)

We can be reached by e-mail and telephone (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 09.30-10.30 AM). You can also book a 15-minute-appointment for Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. 

Week 30 (22-26 July)

We can be reached by e-mail and telephone (Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09.30-11.30 AM). Our telephone hours are extended this week. 

Week 31 up until week 33 (29 July-16 August)

We can only be reached by e-mail. 

Week 34 (19-23 August)

We can be reached by e-mail and telephone (Wednesday, Friday 09.30-10.30 AM). 

Week 35 (26 August)

We can be reached by e-mail and telephone. You can also book a 15-minute-appointment.

We wish you good luck with finishing your master studies and a great summer holiday! 

Best wishes,

Team Student Advisers

Who are the student advisers for the RSM Master programmes?

Eva Smeding
Maaike Troost

          currently unavailable

Menno van der Hoorn

Thea den Hartog

Marleen Pasma
on leave until November

Contact & Availability

By email | for short questions

If you have any short questions, please send us an email:

Always use your EUR e-mail account and mention your student number. Why? In that way we can follow up your questions accordingly.

By phone | for short questions
According to the schedule below. All times indicated are Central European Times (CET).




July 15:

9.30 – 10.30

July 22:
9.30 11.30

July 17:

9.30 – 10.30

July 24:
9.30 11.30

July 19:

9.30 – 10.30

July 26:
9.30 11.30
July 20 – August 19:

July 31 – August 14:

August 2 – August 19:
From August 26 onwards:
9.30 – 10.30

From August 21 onwards:
9.30 – 10.30

From August 23 onwards:
9.30 – 10.30
Phone number: +31(0)104081565

Appointment 15 minutes | via Teams or on campus

This type of consult can be booked 5 days prior to the date of this consult.
No timeslots visible? The consult options are fully booked, please try again later for another day. There will be new appointments on daily basis.

How does it go? At the time of your consultation the student adviser will videocall you via Microsoft Teams (please make sure to be logged in on your student account). If you're not available via Teams, the student adviser will call you on your mobile phone (you will be called with an anonymous phone number).

Click here to book your 15 min. consult

Appointment 30 minutes | via Teams or on campus 

This type of consult is meant if you need more time to discuss your situation. You can choose to have an online appointment via Teams or talk to us in person on campus.


Upon your reservation you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details of the appointment.


Please note: with regard to the online appointment - if you prefer using Zoom, please inform the student adviser beforehand by indicating this when making the appointment in the system or by sending an email.


Click here to book your 30 min. online or on-campus appointment


Booked an appointment on campus?

You can find us in the Mandeville building, 5th floor, room T5-13 or T5-15. 

Note: take directly the elevators on the ground floor of the Mandeville building to reach our office on the 5th floor.