Studying at university requires specific academic study skills. The study load is substantial, the speed is high and what is expected of you may not be completely clear. Student Advisers offer guidance to help you get the most out of your studies by developing your academic study skills.


At EUR level a variety of workshops and training courses are offered in order to support you in your studies. Check out the offer here.

Individual guidance

Often it is not evident why you are not passing your courses. You do the work, spend enough time on self-studying but to no avail.

You can make an individual appointment  to discuss your study approach. Guidance will consist of analyzing your study methods and together with you we will create a workable plan in order to improve your study skills and study progress.

Effective studying Canvas course

For more useful information on study skills, taking exams, time-management etcetera, please click here for the Canvas course 'Effective Studying'.

Where do I find the block planners?

Below you can find the block planners for academic year 2023-2024.