Congratulations! Before you leave RSM there are three more items on your 'to do' list!

 1) Fill in the exit questionnaire.

You will receive a link via email. You are fed up with evaluations, we know... But please remember that your feedback is very important to us and that we routinely use your comments to improve our programmes. So let us know what you thought of your master programme, and what we got right and what we could improve.

2) Fill in the alumni questionnaire.

You will receive a link via email. Get used to your new status as an RSM alumnus. Stay in touch with us for mutual benefit. This means we would like have your contact details and you can tell us how you would like us to contact you.

3) Celebrate at the graduation ceremony.

Time to celebrate! After finishing steps 1 and 2, we hope to see you at the graduation ceremony where you will be handed your diploma. Bring family and friends along to celebrate your achievements. Keep an eye out for information on SIN-Online or the Student Support portal!

Not able to attend? You can also receive your diploma by

  • picking it up at Study Progress & Diploma (SPD) (E-building, L3-33);
  • asking Study Progress & Diploma (SPD) to send it to your home address via registered post at your expense at
  • authorize someone else to pick up your diploma for you. See this article here.