After completion of the final component of your exam programme it is possible to deregister as a student and get a refund of unused tuition fees. For students who do not actively request deregistration, registration as a student will continue through the end of the academic year (31 August). In order to be able to deregister as a student you will need to make sure you take the steps described below in this exact order:

  1. Complete all curricular components of your exam programme;
  2. After you have completed the first step, based on active conferral of degrees, you will receive confirmation from SPD that your degree has been awarded. This confirmation can take up to a week.
  3. Unenrol as a student before the end of the month in which you have received the confirmation email that your degree has been awarded. Your unenrolment will then go into effect from the first of the following month. More information on unenrolment can be found here;
  4. Wait for the refund of possible tuition fees.

Please note:

  • be aware that refunding of tuition fees is NOT possible in July/August. Therefore, students who complete their exam programme in June or July are not eligible for any refund of tuition fees.
  • Important: Do not unenrol from Studielink until you have received (a confirmation of) your diploma as the diploma can only be issued whilst you are an enrolled student. If you unenrol too early, you will have to re-enrol.