At Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, there are lots of opportunities for students to participate in decision-making. The diagram below shows you our participatory bodies and their main purposes.

Student Participation EUR and RSM participatory bodies diagram

Master Programme Committees

A Programme Committee (PC) consists of students and instructors of an individual master programme or a group of programmes (all other MSc programmes). The main task of the Programme Committees at RSM is to give advice to the Dean of Education on enhancing and assuring the quality of the programmes – this can pertain to the content of the programme, learning objectives, assessment, workload, teaching quality, admission and selection, course manuals, the thesis trajectory, etc. The other major task is to provide advice on some parts, and approval of other parts, of changes in the teaching and examination regulations, as specified in the Act on Higher Education and Research (WHW).

The MSc Programme Committee that represents a group of 13 MSc programmes usually discusses overarching issues regarding the MSc programmes, but is also asked for advice, e.g. on changes in the curriculum of programmes. Every year the Programme Committee is formed before its first meeting around 25 September. If you wish to become a member of your Programme Committee please contact the secretary of the relevant PC below as soon as possible and/or contact your Academic Director during the programme kick-off.

  • Programme Advisory Committees

  • Matters pertaining to individual courses, assessments, or other peculiarities of a single MSc programme are usually discussed in the respective Programme Advisory Committee (PAC) of the respective master programme. that meets regularly with the academic director of the respective programme. PACs are informal participatory bodies, meaning their existence is not required by law. IM/CEMS does not have a separate PAC, as the PC only represents one programme. The PACs are usually formed by the student members of the respective programmes after the first meeting of the MSc programme committee. A PAC regularly meets with the academic director of the respective programme and in some cases also with individual instructors to discuss specific quality-relevant matters in the programme.

  • If you are interested in joining your programme PAC, please contact the academic director of your programme.

  • RSM Faculty Council

The RSM Faculty Council (FC) represents both bachelor and master students at RSM as well as teaching faculty, researchers, and professional service staff. The FC is open to issues that are of general interest to the RSM community. Its sessions are public and announced on the website. If you have any relevant suggestions that can contribute to prioritizing issues and providing well-informed advice to the Management Team, please contact the RSM Faculty Council.

University Council

The University Council represents the students and employees of EUR at the central level. Topics of discussions include – but are not limited to – EUR strategy, finances, HR policy, facilities on campus, and intake restrictions. You can contact the University Council if you have any suggestions or ideas about EUR.