SIN-Online is the Study Information Network, where the student receives most of their information regarding their courses and programme. It is important that you subscribe at least to the following channels in order to not miss any important announcements from MSc Programme Management:

  1. Your specific programme channel (for programme specific registrations and information)
  2. All of the individual channels for your courses
  3. MSc Notice Board (used by MSc Programme Management for general, non-programme related information)
  4. RSM Examination Board (important messages regarding examinations, tests, examination regulations etc.)
  5. RSM Study Advice (channel hosted by RSM's study advisers)

Please note: simply subscribing to a particular master course or programme channel in SIN-Online does not constitute official enrolment in the corresponding course or programme. Only once you are officially admitted to a master programme by the Examination Board and your enrolment via Studielink is complete, are you then automatically enrolled for the courses and exams of this programme.

Check out this manual for useful tips and screenshots on how to use SIN-Online.