Are you regularly hindered by your own thoughts while studying? Or does harsh self-criticism make you feel insecure and doubt yourself? 

This workshop is intended for all students who are hindered in their learning process by a negative internal dialogue that is constantly going on in their heads. We call this voice of self-doubt the internal critic. In the competitive, performance-oriented environment you find yourself in as a student, you may be inclined to use self-criticism as motivation while studyingHoweverthis undermines your self-confidence and promotes fear of failure. 

At the end of these workshops: 

  • You understand how the brain is set-up to develop habits, 
  • You can make and use strategies to break negative habits, 
  • You are able to recognize your internal critic and know how to deal with it, 
  • You got to know your internal mentor and you can use it to develop new, positive habits, 
  • You know different self-compassion techniques to be less influenced by your negative thoughts. 

PLEASE NOTE: this workshop consists of successive, on-campus sessions and you should participate in all four: 

Workshop groupDatesTimesLocation

Dutch: Workshops 

Interne dialoog en zelfcompassie (4 sessies) 


14 + 21 + 28 feb en 14 maart 2023 

10:00 – 12:00 On-campus, meer info volgt

English: Workshops 

Inner dialogue and self-compassion (4 sessions) 


21 + 28 Feb and 7 + 21 March 2023 

13:00 – 15:00On-campus, exact location follows 

You can register now via this link! The registration deadline is 7 Feb 23:59. 

If you subscribe for these workshops without having a study timetable for Feb/Mar and it turns out you cannot join the workshops, please cancel your registration via