Bachelor students, are you tired of studying in the same way you always did? Do you want to refresh your approach on studying? Then join RSM’s the ‘Flow in your study life’ programme and find out-of-the box ways to handle your study load together with other students!                                                               

  • Create awareness on personal 'unflow factors'
  • Get inspired to create your own study hacks 
  • Find recognition in other students’ challenges 
  • Develop smart and creative solutions for stressful tasks and situations 
  • Learn how to reach ‘flowstate 
  • Work on your wellbeing in the long run

‘Create your own successful study hacks’ programme schedule: 

The programme consists of three parts (lecture, workshop and weekly coaching). When you register, you commit yourself to participate in all three parts: 


Tuesday 1 November 09:30 – 10:45 hrs. 
On-campus lecture about ‘flow’ by prof. dr. Arnold Bakker, professor in positive organizational psychology.

Thursday 3 November, 13.30 - 16.30 hrs. (incl. break). 

On-campus workshop by senior work-life balance coach Marion Miezenbeek, and one of the RSM student advisers.

Starting the week of 7 November, 

4 weekly small-group coaching sessions (30 min., online) (you’ll be able to reserve a timeslot yourself).

Sign up for the programme now and learn how to create your own study hacks and create more flow! 

Registration is open for Bachelor students on SIN-Online (via Studieadviseurs RSM and RSM IBA Study Advice ‘Registrations’) and closes 25 October at 23.59 hrs.  

How to register on SIN-Online?

1. Open SIN-Online.

2. Go to 'Subscribe', and search for 'Studieadviseurs RSM' or 'RSM IBA Study Advice' in the channel selector.

3. Click on 'add subscription' and save changes.

4. Navigate to 'My registrations' and register for the workshop!

For more info contact