Erasmus University provides financial support ('bestuursmaanden') for active board members of recognized study associations. This support consists of a set amount of money per month (approximately € 280, subject to change), to contribute to any delays in studying that might occur when taking on a board year. The number of months are allocated to the faculties once every three years. Each faculty then decides how these months are distributed amongst the associations connected to that particular faculty.  

The allocation for 2020-2023 has been released in April 2020. RSM has received 219 months.  

RSM applies the following policy to their allocation:

RSM favours a model whereby there is one study association that is formally connected to the school. This prevents fragmentation and stimulates economies of scale, impact and synergy. Currently STAR is the formal study association of RSM. Criteria that need to be adhered to in order to continue this special relationship:

  • Continuously adding value to the faculty and its students
  • Professional implementation of activities in teaching, education, internationalisation, career preparation
  • Professional cooperation with the various organizational units in the school

For this reason RSM is unable to support other study associations, financially or facility wise, unless there are compelling reasons to do so. These reasons may relate to historical commitments, continuity, matching support from other faculties and so on.  

On the basis of this policy, the allocation for 2020-2023 will be as follows:

STAR209 months
MAEUR10 months